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A-rated conservatories which guarantee high quality and exceptional performance.

For purpose-built, quality approved conservatories, choose J. Moon Home Improvements.

All roof, window and door systems are designed and manufactured to match perfectly!
Because our own staff will manufacture as well as install your conservatory, we can produce almost any shape, size or configuration of conservatory. Below are some of the most popular styles and configurations, but if you don’t see exactly the conservatory you’re looking for just give Brian or Dave a call on Norwich 01603 714500 or Wymondham 01953 601522 and they will be happy to advise you on what can be achieved:

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Styles differ, so we can design a conservatory, which will suit any home perfectly.

Victorian Conservatory

Image of a Victorian style Conservatory in Norfolk

A bay fronted duo-pitched roof with a central ridge, normally with three or five facets at the front.

Available in almost any size up to 6.5m wide.

P-shaped Conservatory

Image of a P-shaped conservatory in Norfolk

A combination shaped roof, which we will usually construct from a lean-to section at the side of a Victorian/Edwardian shaped roof. This creates a versatile and attractive living space.

Lean-to Conservatory

Image of a lean-to conservatory in Norfolk

A conservatory with a mono pitched roof, which can be varied making it a versatile option. We can even cope with pitches as low as 2.5 degrees.

Lantern Conservatory

Image of a lantern style conservatory in Norfolk

Very distinguishable by its two tiered roofs, the stylish Lantern conservatory design adds even more light, height, space and grandeur to the sun room and the house that it sits alongside.

Georgian/Edwardian Conservatories

Image of an Edwardian style conservatory in Norfolk

A square fronted duo-pitch roof with a central ridge. A style that maximises floor space.

Available in almost any size up to 6.3m wide.

Gable Conservatory

Image of a Gable Conservatory in Norfolk

Gable Ended roofs are a variant of the Edwardian style roof and consist of duo-pitched sides with a flat faced frontage. These can include the use of a decorative designed gable frame.

T-shaped Conservatory

Image of a T-shaped conservatory in Norfolk

Another combination roof style. Our T-shaped conservatories are aesthetically balanced and create a versatile living space.

Custom Conservatory

Image of a custom made conservatory in Norfolk

Our conservatory roofs are bespoke manufactured, so whatever your may have in mind, our technical and design teams can help you evaluate design options and find the best possible solution.

Coloured conservatories to suit every home style

We offer conservatories in traditional woodgrain and painted effect foils in a wide range of colours to complement any home. We also offer the added option to powder-coat our aluminium roofs with any RAL colour – so you have a world of colour options open to you.

The colours shown below are designed as a guide to the Woodgrain and Artisan Woodgrain Collection. Before making your final decision, please ensure you have seen a foil swatch.

Image of conservatory colour options

Glazing Options

Image of a glass conservatory roof in Norfolk


Glass Roof Conservatory

Nowadays nearly half of all new conservatories are fitted with a glass roof.

We offer many glass options such as clear, tinted varieties, solar control glasses and our popular self-cleaning glass (see blow). Brian or Dave will be happy to talk you through all of the various glazing options to ensure we find the perfect glass for your conservatory.

Image showing how self-cleaning glass works

Self-Cleaning Glass
Our range of self-cleaning and solar control glasses are the perfect choice for customers looking for the ultimate in glass solutions.

Every glass unit incorporates true, dual action self-cleaning glass, which breaks down dirt and washes it away as illustrated in the diagrams shown opposite. Since the water does not form into droplets on its surface, this means that you can see clearly out of your windows even when it is raining. Additionally, when the water evaporates it doesn’t leave behind the usual dirty water droplet marks. The result is that windows stay cleaner for longer!

The self-cleaning coating is also applied as the glass is actually being manufactured. This means that it is fused into the surface and therefore lasts the lifetime of the pane of glass, unlike the spray on ‘easy-clean’ coatings which wear off after a period of time and need to be re-applied.

How self-cleaning glass works:

  • Actively breaks down organic dirt
  • Water sheets across its surface to wash dirt away
  • Clear vision even when it’s raining
  • Dirty water droplet marks are all but eliminated
  • No need to re-apply the self-cleaning coating

Image of Polycarbonate roof optionsPolycarbonate
Polycarbonate is a light weight insulating glazing material manufactured from damage resistant material. Added protection provides resistance against the effects of UV weathering.

Our computer systems calculate the exact size of the polycarbonate you require, ensuring  that there are no errors at the fitting stage and your polycarbonate will be delivered at the same time as your roof.

Polycarbonate is available in a range of styles in 25mm or 35mm thicknesses.

Global 600 Low Pitch PVCu Conservatory

Image of a Low Pitch Conservatory Roof System

Global 600 is a versatile low-pitch roof designed to perfectly match UK house extensions. We can achieve a pitch as low as 2.5 degrees by using 35mm polycarbonate sheeting. Global 600 also allows us to align glazing bars and mullions with its unique 600mm centres.


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Image of lightweight tiled conservatory roof norfolk

SupaLite tiled conservatory roof system

Our SupaLite tiled conservatory roof converts almost any conservatory into a useable all year round sun-porch with amazing insulating properties.

If you are looking for a high quality tiled conservatory roof then look no further than our SupaLite Tiled Conservatory Roof Systems. We have many years of experience and are specialists in removing old conservatory roofs and replacing them with our state-of-the-art, lightweight tiled conservatory roof. We are the perfect supplier in East Anglia and surrounding areas to advise, assist or even action your SupaLite roof project. Find out more about our SupaLite Tiled Conservatory Roof Systems