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Triple glazed windows Norfolk

Triple glazed windows Norfolk

When Mr and Mrs Desira from Attleborough decided that they wanted to upgrade their windows to triple glazed windows, they turned to J. Moon Home improvements.

“We asked J. Moon Home Improvements to replace our windows with triple glazed windows because they have a long and trusted reputation for quality and value. We are very happy with the work done and our new windows look great! They have significantly cut down on external noise that we can hear in our home and made the house much more energy efficient and cosy. Thank you to all the team”.

What’s special about our Triple glazed windows?

Our triple glazed windows are fully (TGU) insulated units. They are available  a range of tinted colours and coatings. These include ‘clear’ and ‘patterned’ glass types, solar coated glass, Low-E glass, low maintenance and Argon or Krypton gas-filled options. They are typically glazed with 28mm DG units, although optional 40mm TG units can also be manufactured. 

Sealed unit construction options are aluminium spacer bar, warm-edge spacer bar and warm-edge super spacer bar, with either polyurethane or butyl hot-melt secondary seals depending on specification. 

Our triple glazed windows are environmentally friendly too – made from 100% recycled material, PTRs also mean the new window will also be easier to recycle at the end of its long life too.

Cut-away image of a replacement triple glazed window

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