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The Importance of Building Control for a conservatory roof

logo for LABCThe Local Authority Building Control (LABC) has produced ‘Viewpoint’ home-owner advice leaflet to ensure they are aware of rules on building control for a conservatory roof. It also highlights the potential dangers when buying a replacement roof for a conservatory.

Replacement tiled roofs for conservatories are a reasonably new product. As such there is a limit to the amount of information available to homeowners looking to replace their existing conservatory roof with a new tiled roof and they need to be aware that there are product types in the market which do not necessarily meet all the criteria they should.

In particularly the LABC are extremely concerned about ‘wrap-over’ roofs – where an installer will simply wrap a new tiled roof over an existing conservatory roof installation. They look for all the world as good as a full replacement, but there are inherent potential faults in the installation from day one. The
y also DO NOT comply with laws dictation building control for a conservatory roof.

The original conservatory will have been designed and manufactured to carry a certain weight-loading for the roof. A ‘wrap-over’ roof installation adds to that weight – effectively the conservatory has two roofs, and it was never designed to withstand that weight from a structural point of view”.

Under regulation guidelines for building control for a conservatory roof, all solid replacement roofs need to be submitted for approval by the appropriate council authorities and this entails the provision of structural calculations to ensure that the new roof takes into the account the strength of the original conservatory.

“To simply fit a new roof on top of an existing structure is fraught with danger and is the roof solution most likely to cause over-stressingof the existing walls and in extreme circumstances can lead to issues such as collapse!”

LABC has responsibility for ensuring that building regulations are met at all times with regards to replacement solid roofs and it is important we give home-owners access to the information they provide.

LABC Viewpoint on Building Control for a conservatory roof

LABC provide the following home-owner guide with information regarding building control for a conservatory roof replacement and the regulations required. CLICK the PDF icon to download your FREE LABC guide for Building Control for a Conservatory Roof.

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