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Greater need for light lantern roofs

Lantern roofs provide homes with long-lasting health and well being benefits, by improving natural light and ventilation.

A video released recently by Velux – The Indoor Generation – highlights the greater than ever need for lantern roofs and orangeries.

Long gone are the days you’d see children playing outside for hours on end, kids on push bikes with their friends or adults enjoying the great outdoors.

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Over the last 100 years, properties have become more insulated and darker; and while there is artificial light, nothing can replace the benefits of natural light and sunshine. The indoor generation spends 90% of its time indoors, which is why having access to fresh air and vitamin D from the sun is so essential.

While you may have heard about rising pollution levels on the news, the fact is that the air inside of a home is up to five times more polluted than that outside. The most polluted place in a house is a child’s bedroom, thanks to dust mites, chemicals and mould, etc.

Exposure to such poor air quality can have long-lasting impacts on the population – roof lanterns can help alleviate some of the issues caused by it.

Up to 15% of the indoor generation suffer from things like seasonal affective disorder and mental health issues, increased high blood pressure and a 40% increase in the cases of asthma. Children of the indoor generation have a decreased learning ability of up to 15% and all from spending so much of their lives locked away in their homes and away from the great outdoors.

Internal image of roof lantern

Lantern Roofs provide much needed extra light, improve air quality and look stunning.

The upturn in lantern roofs and orangeries shows a positive movement for the indoor generation for turning around these numbers.

Everyone from homeowners and hoteliers to restaurateurs and care home managers is having roof lanterns installed on their properties. Unlike the conservatories of old that are freezing in the winter, boiling in the summer, and so loud when it rains that you can’t hear yourselves, technologically advanced glazing solutions like the lantern roof offer loads of natural light without sacrificing thermal efficiency.

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