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Supalite tiled conservatory roof

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10 reasons to choose SupaLite conservatory roof

10 reasons to choose a new SupaLite replacement conservatory roof from J Moon Home Improvements

SupaLite Tiled conservatory roofs are highly insulated to provide a warm temperature in winter. Not only this, they’re also highly energy efficient and come with full building regs. Providing homeowners with a year long living space… and cheaper energy bills!
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The Danger of Conservatory Clad Over Roofs

Clad Over Roofs

Just because a tiled roof looks professional, it doesn’t mean that it is!

The popularity of the conservatory is well and truly on the rise, thanks in no small part to new, lightweight tiled conservatory roofs. The most common reason homeowners want to upgrade their worn-out glass or plastic conservatory roof for a high quality tiled replacement is because of the extreme changes in temperatures during summer and winter.

New sophisticated designs and better materials mean that conservatories are now able to retain warmth in the winter months and keep your conservatory cool on sunny days, meaning homeowners now have a space that is usable all year round.

One such revolutionary design is our SupaLite lightweight tiled roof system. We have seen increasing demand in the tiled roof system in the past 12 months as a quality retro-fit product to replace tired conservatory roofs or a high-performance solution for exciting new-build projects.

But this new-found popularity has come at a cost – the number of clad over roofs is on the rise and proving a problem for both the industry and homeowners.

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Tiled Roof Conservatory Renaissance

New tiled roof conservatory solution sparks a conservatory renaissance

The current popularity of the tiled roof conservatory conversion marks the busiest period professional conservatory specialists like J. Moon Home Improvement in years. The conservatory has seen numerous developments and changes, even in the 21 Years that we have been manufacturing and fitting them.

Over these 21 years, having progressed from functional to ornate to a more practical and social space, the conservatory is now in its next phase of regeneration, one no doubt instigated by a nationwide focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

Recent years have seen more and more homeowners replacing their conservatory’s ageing glass or plastic roofs with lightweight tiled roofing like our own SupaLite Tiled Roof Conservatory system.

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Create a Truly Modern Living Space by Converting Your Conservatory

It is estimated that there are over 4 million conservatories in the UK. A vast majority of the owners who originally bought them, or inherited them when they moved house during the 1980’s, 90’s and the noughties would probably agree that they get little use out of them – too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer. So how do you go about converting your conservatory so that it can be used more often?

But now there is a way to convert these often unloved and largely unused rooms and create a truly modern all year round living space in your home – say hello to solid roofs.

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5 reasons to replace your glass conservatory roof with tiles

Your conservatory should be a place that you and your family love, not a place that you avoid. If your conservatory feels too toasty in summer and like an icebox in winter, then it’s time to do something about it. There are plenty of reasons why you should replace your glass conservatory roof with tiles. Read on to find out five of the big benefits of a solid SupaLite roof.

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The dangers of a clad-over conservatory roof

Make sure that you are aware of the potential dangers of buying a clad-over conservatory roof.

There are several methods of re-roofing an existing structure, the cheapest way is to simply wrap a new roof over and under the existing roofing system. However, this method is the most likely to overstress the existing roof and wall structure. If you are offered this solution, you should ensure that the company quoting to do the work can evidence the stability of the structure with the increased loading and satisfy the building control team.

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ExtraLight Lightweight Roof Tile gets BBA Certification

We have used the ExtraLight lightweight roof tile on thousands of our SupaLite conservatory replacement roofs. So we are thrilled to report that it is now also BBA certitfied.

What is BBA Certification?

BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It’s a vital ingredient for product manufacturers to help ensure acceptance with specifiers, building control, local authorities and insurers. They work with product suppliers to achieve the approval of construction products through our robust test and assessment schemes.

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