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PVCu Double Glazed Front Door

‘Performance’ PVCu door and window hardware range

Choosing the right door and window hardware can be difficult. Ensuring that all components meet your stringent standards is vital. Checking they work together effortlessly and carry the guarantees you require can be both time consuming and frustrating.

That is why we have put together a range of  window and door hardware tailored to your needs. We can provide you with door and window hardware components carefully chosen for their reliability, technical performance and value for money.

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10 top home security tips

Help keep your home safe with our 10 top home security tips

If you, or one of your neighbours have ever been broken into, you’ll know how traumatic it can be!

Far too often at J. Moon Home Improvements, we hear about someone’s home being broken into and sadly how many people ignore the warnings as “It won’t happen to me”. But in reality if your windows and doors are not secure it just might. You need to feel confident that your home and family are secure and choosing the right hardware is vital.

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How to choose the right new front door

The right new front door can create just as much of an impression as an expensive piece of furniture in your home. They are seen every day, so try to select a style with features that match the rest of your home as closely as possible. Choosing a new front door requires as much care as picking out furniture or decor… so what to go for?

Some things to consider when selecting your new front door:

The style of your new door can change the look and feel of the front of your home, as well as your hallway. A new front door should help you secure your home, in addition to helping to keep it warm, minimise draughts and reduce noise.

Think carefully about what kind of visual effect would you like to achieve with your new front door?

Our front doors are available in a range of styles, finishes, glazing options and advanced security features, our high quality PVC-U doors will keep your home warm, quiet and secure.

Areas of your home like your front door need to be a little more private than others. With our range you can choose a glass which will be perfect for its purpose. Each of the popular patterns offers a different level of obscuration, providing you the privacy you require whilst maximising the level of daylight passing through the glass.
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Good examples of new front door glass styles

We all know that door handles open and close doors, but what you might not realise is how much they play a part in the styling of our home. They can decorate your door in a subtle manner and can give your home character and added finesse. All our high quality door handles have been designed for comfort and ease of operation.

Doors are available with multi-point locking systems which lock into the frames in multiple locations, passing through steel keeps and securely fastening into the door frame helping make your home more secure.

Our standard door thresholds are perfectly adequate for general use, however many people choose a low threshold, as they are perfect for wheelchair or pushchair use, or where young children are often running across doorways.

To keep your home warm and quiet, a range of double or even triple glazed sealed units are available, to provide excellent insulation, draught proofing and sound reduction – improving your carbon footprint, reducing your heating bills and keeping the noise out!

Images of new front door styles

Residential doors

High in style, low in maintenance

Choose an appealing front or back door to enhance the look of your home. Available in a wide range of colours, designs, glass options and with a choice of matching door furniture – we are sure to have the perfect door for you to make a grand entrance.

Our PVC-U doors come with fully reinforced frames and multi-point locks to ensure maximum security, giving you added peace of mind.

Picture of a PVCU Stable door

Stable doors

Traditional look with maximum ventilation

PVC-U stable doors provide maximum ventilation without the need to open the whole door, so you can keep your pets and children safely indoors, whilst
allowing lots of fresh air into your home.

Doors come with galvanised steel reinforced frames and multi-point locks to ensure maximum security. Doors are available in a range of colours and you
have a wide choice of glazing and hardware options to complement your home.

The low-maintenance ‘Masterdor’ Benchmark composite front door range.

Strength, security & quality construction

Range of Masterdor composite front doors

Our popular range composite doors protect a property from the elements and from intruders. The GRP door combines the very latest technologies to produce an industry leading product.

The GRP facing (Glass Reinforced Plastic) looks like wood but is unaffected by variations in temperature. When combined with a modern sub-frame, insulating core, modern outerframe and a fantastic hardware range, the door delivers a high security, weather-tight door that will not bow, warp, crack, splinter or dent. Combined with side and top lights, a composite door provides stunning looks that will add instant appeal to any home.

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Coloured Conservatories Windows and Doors

Get out of neutral! Add warmth and style to your home with a range of coloured conservatories, windows and doors

examples of coloured conservatories windows and doors

Coloured conservatories , windows and doors offer an authentic alternative to timber windows, but without the associated problems of high maintenance and of course cost.

Coloured conservatories windows doors swatch

The colour revolution has transformed the European Fenestration (Conservatories, Window and Door manufacturing) industry over the last 20 years, with 40% of European homes choosing a coloured product… and the UK is catching on fast. Brilliant white is still the most popular exterior and interior colour on the windows of Britain’s homes – but more and more people are personalising their homes to suit their style.

Why not have a woodgrain finish on the interior of your windows to match the oak kitchen, or wooden floor you have but still maintain white on the exterior? Or white on the interior and a fabulous coloured woodgrain to match the stone on the exterior of your home? Bring your home to life with colour and style.

For a more creative look, why not choose a coloured finish from our Coloured Conservatory, Window & Door range:

These colour choices are available in textured woodgrains, brights and neutrals to give your home a genuine painted look.

The colours shown are designed as a guide to the Woodgrain and Artisan Woodgrain Collection. Before making your final decision, please ensure you have seen a foil swatch.





Colour information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

We don’t take chances with your home security

Image for Yale Window Security Specialists in Norfolk UK

At J. Moon Home improvements, we won’t cut corners by using inferior home security locks and fixings.

We use Yale door and window security products in our window enclosures and PVCu front & back doors because since 1840, Yale has been leading the way in the locking industry, continually pioneering new products to keep people and property safe. Their brand name is known worldwide for quality, innovation and steadfast security.

Our Yale door and window security products come with a 10 Year Security Guarantee.