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PVCu Double Glazed Replacement Windows

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10 top home security tips

Buying Testosterone Cypionate, Buy Testosterone Pills Gnc

If you, or one of your neighbours have ever been broken into, you’ll know how traumatic it can be!

Far too often at J. Moon Home Improvements, we hear about someone’s home being broken into and sadly how many people ignore the warnings as “It won’t happen to me”. But in reality if your windows and doors are not secure it just might. You need to feel confident that your home and family are secure and choosing the right hardware is vital.

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What are the benefits of uPVC windows?

We are often asked what the main benefits of replacing old windows with uPVC windows are? It’s a common problem – old wooden or dating PVC double-glazed windows are starting to look scruffy and are letting in drafts and the cold weather.

One of the best materials for replacement window frames (certainly the most cost-effective) is ‘un-plasticised PolyVinyl Chloride’ or more popularly called uPVC windows or PVCu windows.

So what are the main benefits of installing uPVC Windows

Graphic for 'A' Rated uPVC windowsThey provide better heat insulation

The high insulation properties of double glazed and triple glazed uPVC windows make them the most effective and cost-effective way to insulate your home. Our double and triple glazed uPVC windows have a vacuum between the glass panes, which stops cold air and draughts from entering your home. This also ensures that the warmth that you generate from costly heating, stays inside instead of escaping through dating windows.

Our uPVC windows have been awarded an energy rating of up to A+ and are made of a material that’s achieved a BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) Green Guide A rating.

But there’s even more. Our products are designed to provide excellent U-value ratings for their efficiency at keeping the heat in your home – and the very best levels of Window Energy Rating (WER).

They also provide better acoustic insulation

It is also true that our noble glazed and triple glazed uPVC windows cut down noise from outside by as much as 70%.

Image of a cross-section of a PVCu replacement windowThey are stronger, more durable and very low maintenance

uPVC is extremely durable. Wooden windows can rot and warp, however uPVC window frames are storm and weather proof because damp cannot penetrate into the frames. If you live in a Norfolk coastal property, then our PVCu windows are perfect for you because they are resistant to corrosion caused by the salt in the air. No painting, staining or sealing is needed with uPVC window frames – just the occasional clean with water and a little detergent! The open ‘Tilt and Turn’ mechanism on our uPVC windows also allows for easy opening in two directions to to aid cleaning and assist with cross ventilation in the summer.

Our uPVC Windows are extremely secure

uPVC is very strong and robust material. This is enhanced by a metal framework inside the uPVC casing. We don’t cut corners with our security locks and fixings either. We use Yale door and window security products because since 1840, Yale has been leading the way in the locking industry, continually pioneering new products to keep people and property safe. Their brand name is known worldwide for quality, innovation and steadfast security.

Coloured conservatories windows doors swatchOur uPVC Windows come in a wide range of colours and finishes

In addition to White, we have three woodgrain shades with our uPVC windows – elegant Mahogany, warm Golden Oak and gorgeous Cherrywood. You can also specify White on the inside and your woodgrain colour of choice on the outside.

We also have 13 Artisan woodgrain finishes are so fine that it’s almost impossible to distinguish them from the real thing! Gorgeous, striking colours like Green, Grey and Cream, or our sumptuous selection of woodgrains such as Rustic Cherry, Irish Oak, AnTeak and Antique Oak are extremely popular.

Our uPVC Windows are recyclable

Our uPVC windows are packed with clever features like plastic thermal reinforcements made from 100% recycled material to keep in more heat, to advanced glass that can reflect heat back into your home and capture free heat from the sun through solar gain. Most importantly, our products are also designed so that they can be collected and recycled back into new PVCu products.

Types of uPVC windows

We manufacture and install casement uPVC windows, Bay windows, Bow Windows and our popular and elegant ‘CONSERVATION GRADE’ vertical sliding PVCu sash windows, which provide all the benefits of period charm while retaining the high technology of uPVC at a cost-effective price.

To find out more about our uPVC Windows range CLICK HERE >

Coloured Conservatories Windows and Doors

Get out of neutral! Add warmth and style to your home with a range of coloured conservatories, windows and doors

examples of coloured conservatories windows and doors

Coloured conservatories , windows and doors offer an authentic alternative to timber windows, but without the associated problems of high maintenance and of course cost.

Coloured conservatories windows doors swatch

The colour revolution has transformed the European Fenestration (Conservatories, Window and Door manufacturing) industry over the last 20 years, with 40% of European homes choosing a coloured product… and the UK is catching on fast. Brilliant white is still the most popular exterior and interior colour on the windows of Britain’s homes – but more and more people are personalising their homes to suit their style.

Why not have a woodgrain finish on the interior of your windows to match the oak kitchen, or wooden floor you have but still maintain white on the exterior? Or white on the interior and a fabulous coloured woodgrain to match the stone on the exterior of your home? Bring your home to life with colour and style.

For a more creative look, why not choose a coloured finish from our Coloured Conservatory, Window & Door range:

These colour choices are available in textured woodgrains, brights and neutrals to give your home a genuine painted look.

The colours shown are designed as a guide to the Woodgrain and Artisan Woodgrain Collection. Before making your final decision, please ensure you have seen a foil swatch.





Colour information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

What are Energy Saving Windows?

Energy saving is incredibly important and so is keeping your fuel bills down

We are continually looking for ways to make our homes energy efficient and one way is to choose new PVCu energy saving windows. Not only will they help to keep your home warmer, they will reduce your energy loss.

Logo for the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC)The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) introduced the Window Energy Rating (WER) labelling scheme to assist consumers to make an informed decision regarding the performance of energy saving windows.

Energy ratings labels are in a traffic light style and give a rating based on the performance of the whole window (frame and glass) and therefore allows you to compare one window with another and make an informed choice. The A+ rating is the most efficient rating and G is the least energy efficient. Not only can it save an enormous amount of money on energy bills (which today seems to be the most expensive payout for many homeowners), but can also contribute to saving the environment.

So what exactly are energy saving windows?

Energy saving windows are windows that help to contain and conserve heat within the home keeping out wind and rain, resisting condensation and yet allowing natural ‘free’ energy – the warmth of the sun – to heat the home. They are easily recognised, just look for the traffic light label.

Every time you watch the television, listen to the radio, or read a newspaper it is reported that energy prices are going to keep rising, so reducing your energy usage is more important than ever. Choose windows that not only save you money, but reduce your carbon footprint.

If you have single glazing in your home, or your double glazing was installed before 2002 you could literally be throwing money out of your windows!

By replacing your windows, installing energy saving windows with a minimum rating of a C and making small changes within your home you could save hundreds of pounds a year, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Logo for the Citizens Advice Service

Recommendations from Citizens Advice on energy saving windows

Installing BFRC rated energy saving windows will save you money on your energy bills. Citizens Advice calculated that energy price increases were eight times higher that rises in average earnings from October 2010 to November 2013.
(Click here to download the full Citizens Advice article). Many experts predict the costs of heating homes will continue to rise.

Being able to reduce our energy bills and reduce the carbon emissions from our homes by making them more energy efficient is becoming increasingly important.

Energy Efficient windows are rated ‘A++’ (the most efficient) to ‘E’. ‘C’ is the minimum to satisfy Building Regulations for windows.


Get Inspired with our Home Improvement Brochures

We’ve just put all of our popular Home Improvement brochures in one place.

With our Home Improvement brochures it’s now even easier to find some inspiration! You can view them easily on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Or you can download or print them when you’re planning a home improvement project.

There are currently 16 brochures to give you information and inspiration. Give Brian or Dave a call at one of showrooms in Wymondham or Blofield. They will help you explore your requirements and ideas and provide a free, no-obligation quotation.

Source for Home Improvements Brochures


We don’t take chances with your home security

Image for Yale Window Security Specialists in Norfolk UK

At J. Moon Home improvements, we won’t cut corners by using inferior home security locks and fixings.

We use Yale door and window security products in our window enclosures and PVCu front & back doors because since 1840, Yale has been leading the way in the locking industry, continually pioneering new products to keep people and property safe. Their brand name is known worldwide for quality, innovation and steadfast security.

Our Yale door and window security products come with a 10 Year Security Guarantee.